Feline Healthcare Strategies.

Because if you’re going to overhaul the entire US healthcare system, it’s best to get the best minds out there working on it.image2-e1498332171844.jpeg


Just Draw What’s In Front of You. Even if it Meows.



I’ve drawn a lot of cat cartoons in my day, and in 2008 I finally published my first book, “Everyday Cat Excuses.” What an adventure that was! I never realized how hard it could be to get one’s thoughts on a simple topic into a coherent piece. The project became an object lesson in “try, try again,” but at least the cats made it into book form and onto a few bookshelves.

Cartoon books are deceptively simple, but I knew I just had to give it a shot (with a lot of expert help from graphic designer Ron H).  I followed those cats up with “The Truth About Cats,” (see flying cat pictorial above), which was a whole other type of adventure, but the cats flew and they finally made it onto a few more bookshelves (or kindles).

Kitty under chair by Garbo portrait.

People ask me if I”m obsessed with cats and I’d have to say no, I just enjoy the company of animals. I have cats, and they’re nice to draw because they’re quite graceful, and they sleep a lot so that makes them easier to draw, too.

There’s a long history of art that came to be simply because the artist drew what was in front of them, like their room (Van Gogh) or a bowl of fruit (Cezanne). So if you ever get stuck, open your eyes and just draw what’s sitting in front of you. Sometimes the best subject matter is the most (seemingly) ordinary.

Check out the kitties at https://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Cats-Feline-Underbelly/dp/1467907537.